客户是你想要跟踪的一个组织、公司或消费者。例如,客户、世界杯足球买球软件的合作伙伴或竞争对手。(an account is an organization, company, or consumer that you want to track—for example, a customer, partner, or competitor.)

客户分配规则(account assignment rule)

根据自定义的标准,自动将客户分配到销售区域的规则。(a rule that automatically assigns accounts to territories, based on criteria you define.)比如根据客户的邮政编码、所在州、行业、收入或员工数量,自动将客户及其相关商机、客户问题或反馈转移到特定区域。每个规则由多行标准组成,这些标准精确地指定了如何分配客户。

客户团队(account team)

客户团队是针对一个客户在一起工作的一组用户。例如,一个客户团队可能包括一个执行发起人、专门的支持代理人员或项目经理。(an account team is a team of users that work together on an account. for example, an account team may include an executive sponsor, dedicated support agent, or project manager.)使用客户团队可以让针对客户的协作更容易跟踪。客户团队与商机团队并不相同,尽管他们拥有相同的团队成员角色。


一个事件、一个任务、一个你记录的电话或者发送的邮件,都是活动。你可以将活动与其他记录关联起来。比如关联到一个客户、线索、商机或者是用户问题或反馈。在开启了共享活动的组织中,你可以将一个活动关联到多个联系人。任务也可以由salesforce管理员配置的工作流规则和审批流程生成。(an event, a task, a call you've logged, or an email you've sent. you can relate an activity to other records, such as an account, a lead, an opportunity, or a case. in an org with shared activities enabled, you can relate an activity to multiple contacts. tasks can also be generated by workflow rules and approval processes configured by a salesforce admin.)更多活动类型。

管理员(系统管理员)administrator (system administrator)

组织中的一个或多个人,他们可以对应用进行配置和自定义。一般用户被赋予系统管理权限后,就具有了管理员特权。(one or more individuals in your organization who can configure and customize the application. users assigned to the system administrator profile have administrator privileges.)

未调整金额(amount without adjustments)

适用于协作场景下的收入预测。未调整金额为一个人拥有的商机收入和他下属拥有的商机收入之和,不需要做任何调整。下属包括在预测层级中所有向某人回报的人。此金额仅在报告中可见。(applies to collaborative forecasts. the sum of a person’s owned revenue opportunities and the person's subordinates’ opportunities, without adjustments. subordinates include everyone reporting up to a person in the forecast hierarchy. this amount is visible only on reports.)

管理者未调整金额(amount without manager adjustment)

适用于协作场景下的收入预测。这个预测数字可以被预测者看到。它是预测者所拥有商机收入以及其下属商机收入的总和,预测者可以对他和下属的预测进行调整,但是不包括在预测层级中,预测者上级管理者所做的调整。(applies to collaborative forecasts. the forecast number as seen by the forecast owner. this is the sum of the owner’s revenue opportunities and the owner’s subordinates’ opportunities, including adjustments made by the forecast owner on the owner's or subordinates’ forecasts. it doesn’t include adjustments made by forecast managers above the owner in the forecast hierarchy.)更多信息。

审批流程(approval process)

审批流程让salesforce中的记录审批自动化起来。审批流程指定了审批中的每个步骤,包括向谁请求审批以及在流程的每个节点要做什么。(an approval process automates how records are approved in salesforce. an approval process specifies each step of approval, including who to request approval from and what to do at each point of the process.)更多审批流程样例,。


客户所拥有产品的特定模式或类型。根据你的组织使用资产的方式,它可以代表客户已经购买和安装的你的产品,或者代表客户使用的竞争对手的产品。(a specific model or type of product that a customer owns. depending on how your organization uses assets, they can represent your products that the customer has purchased and installed or your competitor’s products that the customer uses.)

自动回复规则(auto-response rule)

自动回复规则是一组条件,根据提交记录的属性,针对用户提问或线索提交,自动回复电子邮件。针对用户提问和反馈,自动回复规则适用于来自自助服务门户、客户门户、web-to-case表单、email-to-case消息或随需的email-to- case消息提交的内容。针对提交的线索,自动回复规则适用于那些通过web-to-lead表单捕获的线索。(a set of conditions for sending automatic email responses to case or lead submissions based on the attributes of the submitted record. applicable cases include those submitted through a self-service portal, a customer portal, a web-to-case form, an email-to-case message, or an on-demand email-to-case message. applicable leads include those captured through a web-to-lead form.)

最高金额(best case amount)

确定特定月份或季度所有“可能”的收入预测。对于管理者来说,等于他们及其整个团队可能产生的总收入。(revenue projection in a forecast that identifies total “possible” revenue for a specific month or quarter. for managers, equals the total amount of revenue they and their entire team can possibly generate.)

业务客户(business account)

你想要跟踪的一个公司或组织(a company or organization that you want to track.)


一种营销活动,如广告、直发邮件或会议,为了产生潜在客户、建立品牌知名度而进行的营销活动。(a marketing initiative, such as an advertisement, direct mail, or conference, that you conduct in order to generate prospects and build brand awareness.)

市场活动层级(campaign hierarchy)

一组多达五个活动组织成的层次结构。父活动可以有多个子活动,但是一个子活动只能有一个父活动。(a set of up to five campaigns organized into a hierarchy. a parent campaign can have several child campaigns, but a child campaign can have only one parent.)

市场活动参与者(campaign member)

与市场活动有关的所有线索或联系人。(any lead or contact associated with a campaign.)

市场活动投资回报率campaign roi (return on investment)

市场活动投资回报率是指市场营销投资的回报率。使用“市场活动roi分析报告”分析投资回报率。roi等于净收益(赢得客户业务商机的总价值 - 实际成本)除以实际成本。roi以百分比方式表示。(the campaign roi is the return on your marketing investment. use the campaign roi analysis report to analyze the roi. the roi is calculated as the net gain (total value won opps - actual cost) divided by the actual cost. the roi result is expressed as a percentage.)


客户的反馈、问题或疑问的详细描述。用于跟踪和解决客户的不同问题。(detailed description of a customer’s feedback, problem, or question. used to track and solve your customers’ issues.)

世界杯正规买球平台的解决方案类别(category, solutions)

世界杯正规买球平台的解决方案类别,是一个可以应用到世界杯正规买球平台的解决方案的一个标签,用来对类似的世界杯正规买球平台的解决方案进行分组。世界杯正规买球平台的解决方案类别可以帮助客户支持代表在解决用户提问或反馈时,更加快速的找到世界杯正规买球平台的解决方案。如果你使用自助入口的门户网站或公共世界杯正规买球平台的解决方案,你的客户可以按照类别来浏览世界杯正规买球平台的解决方案,以查找他们需要的内容。另请参阅父类别。(a label you can apply to a solution to group similar solutions together. solution categories help customer support representatives find solutions faster when solving cases. if you use the self-service portal or public solutions, your customers can browse solutions by category to find what they need. see also parent category.)

渠道管理员(channel manager)

渠道管理员是管理你的世界杯足球买球软件的合作伙伴的内部用户。(channel managers are the internal users that manage your partners.)

销售人员提交金额(commit amount)

单个销售人员对在特定月份或季度成交有合理信心的预测金额。对于管理者而言,该金额应该等于他们自己以及他们管理团队确定可以成交的金额总和。(forecast amount that an individual salesperson is reasonably confident of closing in a particular month or quarter. for managers, this should equal the amount that they and their team can confidently close.)


针对特定商机,显示竞争者名称、优势和弱点的相关列表。(related list that displays competitor names, strengths, and weaknesses entered for a specific opportunity.)在你努力成交交易时,竞争者字段可以帮你更好的跟踪竞争对手。

office连接器(connect for office)

可将 salesforce 与 microsoft® word 和 excel 集成在一起的产品。

product that integrates salesforce with microsoft® word and excel.

outlook连接器(connect for outlook)

该连接器已退役。该产品是我们与microsoft® outlook® 2007 和更早版本的旧同步插件。(connect for outlook is retired. the product was our legacy sync add-in for microsoft® outlook® 2007 and earlier.)

离线连接器(connect offline)

使销售人员在完全断开网络连接的情况下,也能随时随地使用 salesforce 远程更新其数据的产品。(product that allows salespeople to use salesforce to update their data remotely, anywhere, anytime—totally unplugged.)


联系人是指与你的客户相关联的人员。(contacts are the individuals associated with your accounts.)

联系人角色(contact role)

联系人在特定客户、合同或商机中扮演的角色,如“决策者”或“评估者”。你可将某个联系人标记为客户、合同或商机的“主要”联系人。联系人在不同客户、合同或商机中可以拥有不同的角色。(the role that a contact plays in a specific account, contract, or opportunity, such as “decision maker” or “evaluator.” you can mark one contact as the “primary” contact for the account, contract, or opportunity. a contact can have different roles in various accounts, contract, or opportunities.)

可交付内容(content delivery)

已经被转换为在线格式的文档,以分发给线索、联系人和同事。(a file that has been converted into an optimized online format for distributions to leads, contacts, and colleagues.)

内容包(content pack)

作为一个组存储在 salesforce crm content 中的相关文档或文件的集合。(a collection of related documents or files that are stored as a group in salesforce crm content.)


合同是定义各方间业务条款的协议。(a contract is an agreement defining the terms of business between parties.)

合同行项目(contract line item)

合同行项目是服务合同涵盖的特定产品。它们只在服务合同的“合同行项目”相关列表上显示,并不在合同上显示。(contract line items are specific products covered by a service contract. they only display to users on the contract line items related list on service contracts, not contracts.)


通过按钮或链接,你可以将合格的销售线索转化为客户、联系人以及(可选)商机。来自线索字段的信息,将转移到相应的客户、联系人和商机字段中。(button or link that allows you to change a qualified lead into an account, contact, and, optionally, an opportunity. information from the lead fields is transferred into the appropriate account, contact, and opportunity fields.)

自定义字段(custom field)

除了标准字段外,还可以添加一个字段,以根据组织的需要自定义salesforce。(a field that can be added in addition to the standard fields to customize salesforce for your organization’s needs.)

自定义对象(custom object)

自定义记录,使你可以存储组织专有的信息。(custom records that allow you to store information unique to your organization.)

自定义视图(custom view)

一个显示功能,可以让你查看特定对象的特定记录集。(a display feature that lets you see a specific set of records for a particular object.)